Introducing the Fruiterus Series

If you’ve been following me here, on Instagram or using other social media outlets, you’ve noticed that I’ve been making a lot of uterus plushies lately. The first one I ever crafted was inspired by the shape of the slug plushies I also make, then I sold two, and I’ve just been cranking them out since.

After I breezed through multiple pieces, I realized that just making differently colored uteri based on what yarn I have in my stash could perhaps be a potentially wasteful use of time and resources. At the time I was nearly finished with a mustard yellow specimen, using a yarn with which I had made a pineapple shaped bag many months ago….Inspiration! I took to Instagram to ask the community there if they thought making a pineapple uterus would be a good idea. Folks agreed, those enabling sweethearts.


Add some stuffing, finish up the main uterus, add some deep green fronds annnnd tada!


Pineapple uterus! Fruiterus! Wheeee! I’m in love! And looking forward to playing with more fruits like pear, apple, strawberry and watermelon, but probably will not bother with banana. Also dreaming of using this as an opportunity to break into the soft enamel pin scene, or just circular pin back buttons to start, and also maybe wood block carving. But those endeavors require more time and forethought than I have on this rainy Thursday afternoon.

What project are you most excited about lately?

Cheers, S.

(cover image courtesy of WikiCommons.)


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  1. madgeface says:

    Fruiterous: I love it!

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