Crocheting Uteri

I’ve been crocheting an average of about one uterus a day for the past week. I sold one from my shop recently, and have taken a hydra approach to replenishing stock. Really, they’re very fun to make and so full of potential (gift one to your lady friend, your lady doctor, a serial mansplainer, et cetera!).


I started out just using variations of red and pink, but now I’m digging into my stash to get more creative with my colorways. I haven’t photographed or listed it yet, but there’s a mint specimen coming soon!


If you need a crocheted uterus of your own, I have some available here! And if you want one in a special color, I’m more than happy to oblige. 🙂

Besides that, things have been too hot and pretty boring in these parts. I turned 28 and my baby sister came to visit for a month. Both of those were nice times. But anyway, what have you been making?

Cheers, S.


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