Monk Appreciation

My cat, Monk, has been looking very cute lately. We got her as a tiny, 7-week-old, semi-feral kitten who had a reputation at the animal shelter of being very hissy. One year and one moth later, she very comfortably rules our world.


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  1. Olivia says:

    Cat lovers are a whole breed unto themselves. I have a chihuahua, not one of those nasty, snarly, overprotective ones but a sweet six lb bundle of love for everyone. We even got her “service-dog certified” because shes’s so gentlen with people. But my newly married son has aquired two cats to please he (then) fiancé. He is so fiercely protective of his cats that is shocks me. This guy used to have a Dalmation (very demanding and doggy dog, if you get what I mean). Now he buys cat toys, cuddles with his feline friends and allows half his tiny cottage to be taken over by various jungle gyms and cat paraphernalia. It would be ok except his cats are of the assumption that someday they can bully me into giving them my chihuahua to tear apart limb by limb. It’s not just hissing, it’s stalking with panther-like pacing and random swats at me to “give it up”. So I’m amused that your little darling has become your world. I think that is the plan with every cat. We probably should watch out, I’m sure they will rule world one day!
    PS, your cat is adorable. 🐱💕

    1. srhclrk says:

      That’s quite the transition, from Dalmatian to cats! And I didn’t think I liked chihuahuas until I dogsat three a few years ago. What sweethearts! World domination is definitely a priority on the feline agenda, which is probably helped along by their cuteness. 🙂

  2. madgeface says:

    What a sweetheart!

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