Past Project: First Coral Lace Stone


Throwing back this Thursday to one of my very favorite past projects: my first every crocheted coral lace stone, circa 2014. I had already dabbled in hyperbolic crochet and made a miniature coral reef, and lace stones were already a large part of my crafting life. This piece’s colorway and complexity is directly inspired by the female body, and uses only cotton crochet thread I already had on hand (nowadays I more often use cotton embroidery thread when covering rocks). I really found great joy in making new little elements and deciding where best to add them, based on how they interacted with the pieces already in place.

I sent this piece off with a wholesale lace stone order last year. Although I’m very happy to have had that order (which amounted to 90 lace stones in total), I am regretting letting this one go. Live and learn. At least I can look forward to making more.

What are some of your favorite past projects?

Cheers, S.


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