Frowny Amigurumi Slug Friends

My weekend consisted largely of snoozing, schlepping around, working on merchandise and unraveling a sweater to dye when the weather clears up. The thing I’m most excited to show you from those two sweet days off is this little blue amigurumi slug.


I have made six of these guys now. I really love their plump little bodies and inquisitive beady eyes, and especially the grumpy frowns that occur when I stitch the round top opening closed in a straight line. Something so moody should not incite such giggles. Who knew schadenfreude could be so cute?

I half-accidentally modified this Lion Brand pattern when I made my very first slug (which I originally intended to be a snail), and have since added more modifications to “perfect” these little fellows. If you want to try crocheting your own, I suggest working in the back loops and not flipping the piece inside out, against what is advised in the original pattern.

If you’d rather skip the making process, I have a few available in the shop right now, with more coming soon. 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Cheers, S.


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